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Friends is one of the most famous comedies that marked more than a generation and is also considered the best television series of all time. This show has left a major cultural mark on the world.

Through 10 seasons, with a total of 236 episodes, "Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Chandler, Ross and Joey" took hold of our feelings: they could lead us from laughing to crying with great genuineness. 

The cultural impact of Friends

The series created by Martha Kauffman and David Crane served as a great influence on a cultural level around the world, phrases like "Joey's" iconic "How you doin'?", became part of the vocabulary of many viewers.

The cafe, "Central Perk", has also been imitated by others. The Iranian businessman, Mojtaba Asadian has registered the name in 32 countries, and in addition to recreating his style and decoration, he had the presence of actor James Michael Tyler, who plays Gunther, for the opening of a coffee shop in Dubai.

Friends has served as inspiration for the development of other sitcom series such as How I Met Your Mother.

Fun Facts about Friends

  • The series was recorded live with the presence of 300 people in the audience. 
  • The main cast negotiated their salary as a group. In the beginning, each one earned 100,000 dollars per episode, by the final season each one received one million dollars!
  • Among the names that were thought of for the series before being called Friends were Insomnia Cafe and Friends Like Us.
  • "Phoebe's" pregnancy was real,  Lisa Kudrow was pregnant, and the writers had to adjust her story.
  • Actor Bruce Willis participated in the series and donated his salary to charity due to a bet he had with Matthew Perry.
  • Courtney Cox was nowhere near playing the role of "Rachel", but it was she herself who applied for the role of Monica because she felt more connected to the character.