General Hospital recently made the shocking decision to kill a fan favourite character off-screen! Thanks to a conversation between two characters in the latest episode of the soap opera, we now know that Anthony Geary's "Luke Spencer" has died in a surprising way.

General Hospital characters discuss "Luke's" death

General Hospital fans will remember Geary as a mainstay of the show, with the actor playing "Luke" for 44 years. While he chose to leave the series in 2015, fans presumed that his character was still alive. However, this Monday's episode saw "Tracy Quartermaine" and "Laura Collins" discuss "Luke's" death, which undoubtedly came as a shock to the audience.

According to the conversation between "Tracy" and "Luke's" ex-wife, the character is said to have died while overseas in Europe. However, it's suggested that while the cable car incident "Luke" was involved in was tragic, it may not have been accidental. That's because General Hospital seems to imply "Victor Cassadine" played a role in his death!

Anthony Geary and Maura West pose in the press room at The 42nd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards on April 26th, 2015.

Geary's portrayal of "Luke" was critically acclaimed, and won the actor many awards during his time on the show, including a record number of Emmys. While it is not known if "Luke's" death will continue to be brought up throughout the season, this latest General Hospital twist has certainly got fans talking!