The future of one character on Grey's Anatomy is uncertain at the moment. Fans are afraid that Alex Landi (26, "Nico Kim") could leave the series. "Nico" joined the staff of Grey+Sloan Memorial at the start of season 15. There, the surgeon fell in love with his colleague "Levi Schmitt" and the two became a couple.

Grey's Anatomy: Could Alex Landi be leaving?

But now Grey's Anatomy fans have to fear for "Nico". Actor Alex Landi got a role in the Netflix series Insatiable. According to "Cinemablend" it is shot in Atlanta, while "Grey's Anatomy" is filmed in Los Angeles. This could mean that Landi will have less and less time for Grey's Anatomy or even leave the show for good.

Another clue for him possibly leaving Grey's Anatomy is "Nico's" current plot line in season 15. Most recently, "Nico" interviewed for a job in San Francisco for which he might turn his back on Seattle. Also, things between him and "Levi" were not the best lately...We will keep you posted on what happens to "Nico"!

In the past, fans of Grey's Anatomy, which was recently renewed for two more seasons, regularly had to say goodbye to a number of main and supporting characters. Protagonist Ellen Pompeo (49), who stars as "Meredith Grey", is still part of the series, though.