Beanie Feldstein has morphed into Monica Lewinsky back in the '90s for Impeachment: American Crime Story!

Impeachment: American Crime Story

FX has just released the first look of Impeachment: American Crime Story. The teaser begins with Beanie Feldstein as 22-year-old Monica hiding a small gift labeled "Bill" inside Presidential documents and working her way through the White House to deliver them to him. 

The music is tense and the camera follows Beanie closely behind as she strolls through the hallway past unsuspecting White House staffers. President Clinton's secretary buzzes her into his office and says, "Mr. President, Ms. Lewinsky is here to see you."

 American Horror Story producer Ryan Murphy shared the teaser himself along with the cover art featuring beret-wearing Monica gazing up at the White House.

Handsome Clive Owen will be portraying the saxophone playing president and Edie Falco will be playing his wife Hillary Clinton. Annaleigh Ashford will be starring as the woman who launched the sexual harassment lawsuit against the hot-blooded president.

Ryan Murphy also cast his favorite actress Sarah Paulson to play Monica's former friend Linda Tripp who secretly recorded Monica describing their affair. AHS and Parks and Recreation star Billy Eichner will be Matt Drudge who broke the story on The Drudge Report

We will not have to wait long to see, as the series airs on September 7th! Check out the teaser here: