'The Eternals' Movie Will Feature Marvel's First LGBTQ Kiss Bryan Tyree Henry Haaz Sleiman

The MCU's first gay superhero stars in the film

'The Eternals' Movie Will Feature Marvel's First LGBTQ Kiss

According to The Digital Weekly, the wonderful Henry Cavill is currently in talks to play "Wolverine" in the upcoming MCU sequel Captain Marvel 2! It seems like some X-Men characters will be added into the MCU!

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In case of being confirmed, the 36-year-old actor would be taking over Hugh Jackman's role, who played "Wolverine" for 17 years for a total of nine films! 

Marvel is also reportedly rebooting the X-Men franchise, with a series of stories not related to the previous movies. Marvel Comics is expected to release a new Captain Marvel comic book featuring "Wolverine" in April!

What has Henry Cavill done recently?

British actor and Justice League star Henry Cavill recently starred in the 2018 film Night Hunter, he is also set to play the role of "Sherlock Holmes" in the upcoming film Enola Holmes!