• Is Sean Murray quitting 'NCIS'?
  • He makes a suggestion
  • This could lead to his exit

Sean Murray (46) is now the longest-serving member of the 'NCIS' cast. Now he is about to reach a remarkable milestone with the series: the 1000th episode anniversary of 'NCIS'. Despite his impressive 21-year career on the crime series, the "McGee" actor reveals in an interview with 'People' that he never feels completely secure in his role.

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"I think we learned this with things that have happened on the show over the years... No one is quite safe," he explains. Murray continues to emphasize how much he enjoys being part of 'NCIS' and remains optimistic, saying that things are "really good right now." He adds that no one currently feels the desire to leave the series.

Is Sean Murray leaving 'NCIS' Because of this?

Nevertheless, Murray's statement makes us question some things. Several long-standing stars of 'NCIS' have recently left the show, including Mark Harmon and Emily Wickersham. Will it soon be Sean Murray's turn? 

David McCallum's death, ("Ducky"), also marked the end of an era. It is quite possible that the creators will use the cut to start a new chapter of 'NCIS' - without the former stars. Sean Murray could then also leave the series.

As 'NCIS' heads towards the celebration of its 1000th episode, Murray reflects on the reasons for the franchise's longevity and success. He believes that the quality and care put into the development of the series has created a strong foundation for the growth of the 'NCIS' franchise. 

Since the debut of 'NCIS' on CBS, the series has spawned four spin-offs in Los Angeles, New Orleans, Hawaii and Sydney, Australia. Murray sees the diversity of the series and its spin-offs as a key factor in its continued success. "Everyone, respectfully, has had their own sort of slice of the pizza," he explains.

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