• Shadow and Bone is a popular new Netflix series
  • Actress Jessie Mei Li stars as "Alina Starkov"
  • Here are facts you should know about her!

Currently, the fantasy series Shadow and Bone is storming the Netflix charts. The series was continuously on the charts for several weeks after its debut in 2021.

We take a look at the "Alina Starkov" actress Jessie Mei Li. In the series, she plays the cartographer who must take part in an expedition.

Shadow and Bone: Get to know actress Jessie Mei Li

Jessie Mei Li is currently one of the hottest newcomers in the acting industry. The British actress made her acting debut only four years ago.

Li was born in Brighton, England. Her father is from China and her mother from England. She completed her acting training at the Identity School of Acting in London between 2016 and 2017.

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Jessie Mei Li had her first role in 2018 in the short film Together, They Smoke. After that followed appearances in various series. In addition to TV and film roles, she also tried her hand at theater. She landed a role in the play All About Eve at London's West End...

Watch the video above to learn more about Jessie Mei Li, the Shadow and Bone star!