His iconic interpretation of "Neo" has long been held as one of the most memorable characters in cinematic history. The first film redefined the sci-fi genre, and now, the fourth installment of the saga, The Matrix: Resurrections, sees Keanu reprising his famous character again. It's been 22 years since he took on the role for the first time, and it appears quite a lot has changed for him when it comes to playing "Neo".

Reeves was in Toronto this week for the Canadian premiere of the movie, where he shared his thoughts on the film saga and what it means for him to be doing it all again at 57 years of age!

Keanu Reeves's Thoughts On 'The Matrix' Saga

Keanu Reeves's Thoughts On The Matrix Saga

Reuniting with co-star Carrie Anne Moss was the highlight of the experience for Keanu: “It was really lovely. I think people can relate to the idea of having a dear friend and not seeing them for a long time and then coming back to reconnect. It’s like you never left. That’s what we had. It was really easy, comfortable to reconnect, and roll up the sleeves and go to work.”

Fans are very eager to see them together on screen again, and luckily for all of us, we can expect the same amount of jaw-dropping action scenes in the fourth installment as well, as director Lana Wachowski made sure to include the same gravity-defying stunts that seared the original films into our memories. Like having Reeves and Moss jump of a 43-story building for a scene!

“I was not expecting to be doing that. It was in the script. I had the assumption that we would do it with computer-generated images and support. But Lana really wanted to make it real. I mean, we were connected with wires obviously. We can’t fly. But yeah, it was thrilling,” said Keanu.

He was also happy to explore what the films have meant to him on a personal level: “I think of the ‘Matrix’ films as tools. They’re entertaining, there’s action; ‘Resurrections’ is funny. I find them as cautionary tales, like this can be the consequences of our technology in our interactions with machines and with each other. And I find them hopeful."

Who knows if there will be a fifth installment? Either way, movie fans will not be able to get enough of "Neo" and The Matrix this holiday season, and neither will we!

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