Killing Eve has already started to build hype for its final episodes! On Thursday, the hit BBC America and AMC drama shared a brand-new promo hinting at what's to come in season 4, along with the season premiere date.

Killing Eve season 4 to premiere in February

Killing Eve shared the teaser trailer on social media, and it's certainly one that will grab fans' attention! Soundtracked by Pshycotic Beats' "Killer Shangri-lah," the video begins with a pink dress being set on fire, while someone wearing a cartoon pig mask watches. Both the dress and the mask are some of the show's most iconic costume pieces, worn by Jodie Comer's "Villanelle".

Postcards and a motorcycle helmet are also seen going up in flames. At the end of the short clip, it is revealed that season 4 will kick off on February 27, 2022. The last objects shown burning are a ruffled collar and pink teddy bear— the latter of which fans will recognize from season 3. While there hasn't been any new footage released, AMC Networks shared a brief synopsis of the upcoming fourth season.

Killing Eve cast (2020).

Killing Eve's last season will see "Eve" (Sandra Oh) "on a revenge mission," as "Carolyn" (Fiona Shaw) "goes to extraordinary lengths" to avenge the death of her son. As for "Villanelle," it is teased that the psychopathic assassin has "found a new community," seeming to look towards religion. AMC Networks calls all three characters "driven by passion, revenge and obsession," explaining that this will result in "a messy, nuanced and totally glorious series finale."