Leah Remini is a former Scientologist that is now a Scientology critic. She has released Scientology and the Aftermath which is a docuseries that discusses the controversial truth of the church of Scientology. Now that the Aftermath has aired its finale, Leah assures fans that this is just the beginning. 

Leah Remini: "We need to move on to the second level"

Leah Remini has received copious amounts of backlash throughout the run of her docuseries, however she has won an Emmy for the series. After three years and 36 episodes, Scientology and the Aftermath is coming to an end but her work to fight against the church is far from over. "In this current format, we aren't able to do anything but make the public aware of what's really going on, and we've done that. We need to move on to the second level," Remini tells EW.

Leah Remini hopes the next phase is more active in action 

The second level she is referring to is the take down of the alleging abuses by her former religion, all of which the church is denying. Leah Remini says the fight is far from over as "no action was being taken on the federal level or even by the local police departments." Leah and Mike Rinder are working on something currently and they are hoping that the next phase of their work will be more active in action taking.  

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