• Heidi Klum's daughter Leni guest judges GNTM semifinals 
  • The feedback from the public is mostly positive
  • Leni's appearance on the show discussed by fans

The GNTM semifinals were broadcast on Thursday. In it, the models had to prove themselves one last time before the grand finale. None other than Heidi Klum's daughter Leni Klum was a guest judge. She sat proudly next to her mother and rated the candidates according to their tasks.

Leni as a GNTM judge: these are the reactions

The young model was mostly well received by the fans as a GNTM judge, as many found her very sweet. She also made comments in German! "How cute and charming can one person be please," a Twitter user writes. "How sweet Leni supports everyone," reads another tweet, while yet another said that "Leni Klum will take over GNTM and I just love it."

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Leni is also hotly debated on Instagram as a GNTM judge. "She was so cute somehow and she's just beautiful," one user says there, alongside numerous other positive comments about her appearance. However, there are also some users who are critical of Leni's role as a guest judge. 

Also interesting:

"Sorry, just getting started, shouldn't be a member of the jury, family is nothing anymore", commented a viewer. Another says on Twitter:"What useful input does Leni Klum give the models as a juror? None, but she's Leni Klum." On the whole however, the fans are enthusiastic about Leni, and many of them can well imagine that Heidi Klum's daughter will eventually take over. The GNTM finale will take place next Thursday evening in Cologne.