• Heidi Klum and Leni Klum appear in a new video together
  • The mom and daughter duo are shown having so much fun
  • Heidi and Leni wear colourful outfits and dance around

Heidi Klum and her daughter Leni are known to be super close, and a fun new video of the two sees them having the best time together! Heidi took to Instagram on Sunday to share the fun clip, which features her and Leni getting dressed up while they celebrate in style.

Heidi and Leni show off their playful side together

Heidi struts her stuff in a sparkly coat and bodysuit look with thigh-high black leather boots, while Leni looks amazing in a bright pink top and jeans paired with white heels. The duo dance around while the song "Go Big or Go Home" by Selectracks plays in the background. 

Throughout the video, the mother and daughter duo can be seen playing with colourful feather boas. Leni even does gymnastics— first a handstand, and then a cartwheel! Confetti falls around them, which is fitting since Leni celebrated her 18th birthday earlier this month. In a sweet moment near the end, Heidi and Leni kiss each other's cheeks, before blowing the camera a kiss with matching grins.

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"Klum times two!" Heidi captioned the high-energy video, which she shared to promote Germany's Next Top Model. In honour of her daughter turning 18 not long ago, Heidi also made a special video for her, which saw her share never-before-seen pics from Leni's childhood. It's clear how much the pair adore each other, and whenever they step out together, it's always a delight!