• Leni Klum celebrates her 18th birthday
  • Her mom Heidi Klum sends her birthday love
  • Heidi shares private photos of Leni on Instagram 

Leni Klum is now really grown up, as the model celebrated her 18th birthday on May 4, 2022 and is finally of age! Leni's proud mom Heidi Klum congratulated her eldest daughter with a moving video on Instagram, in which we can see very private insights from Leni's childhood.

Heidi Klum makes sweet birthday tribute to Leni

Heidi Klum, who introduced her daughter to modelling, posted a video compilation of Leni's childhood that features the song "You Are the Sunshine of My Life". Never-before-seen photos and videos show the young model in private with her mother and siblings.

"I love you with all my heart. Keep shining your bright light always and forever," the model mom wrote. In addition to the private insights into Leni's life that Heidi gives her fans, you can see from her congratulations and pictures what a beautiful childhood she had.

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The wonderful relationship of mother-daughter duo Heidi and Leni, who have even posed for a photoshoot together, is clear. And while Leni had already started celebrating before she officially turned 18, as the young model shared she had an early birthday party the day before, we hope that her birthday itself was just as special for her!