• Leni Klum will soon be 18 years old
  • The model is already having a party
  • Leni shares photo of birthday celebration

Leni Klum will finally be 18 on May 4th! The daughter of supermodel Heidi Klum apparently couldn't wait for the big day to come and has already celebrated her birthday, as shown in her latest photo on Instagram.

Leni Klum shares photo with balloon and cake

Leni poses with pink balloons that form a big '18' with a beautiful view of the sea in her latest Instagram photo. In front of her is also huge cake with sugar flowers that has her first name and the number 18.

The model's blue eyes really stand out in the first picture as she looks off into the distance while posing in front of the water. Leni is known for her incredible style, and even seen wearing in a casual coat here, she looks so pretty. In the second image she appears extremely content, closing her eyes and smiling.

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"early birthday celebration!" Klum captioned her photo. Her followers are already congratulating her under the picture, including the German entertainer Riccardo Simonetti. "Happy almost birthday! I hope you celebrate hard," he wrote. We can only agree with that!