• Leni Klum has now turned 18
  • The model got a special gift on the day
  • Leni's grandfather and mom celebrate her

Leni Klum recently celebrated her 18th birthday! Her grandfather Günther Klum had a very special gift for her, and he revealed what it was in a video message.

Leni's grandfather shares he trademarked her name

Günther Klum announced his birthday present for his granddaughter Leni Klum in a special post on his website, klum.com. "And then we have a special gift that you took with you when you were in Düsseldorf when we met there - and that's the brand 'Leni Klum,'" he shared.

Günther gave his granddaughter the rights to her own name, which he had already secured in 2021. The way that Flavio Briatore's daughter has reacted to this extraordinary gift is not yet known. What an incredible present to receive though!

Also interesting:

Leni's mother Heidi Klum also shared some birthday love for the now-18-year-old on Instagram. There she posted an emotional video with memories from Leni's childhood, including intimate photos that had never been seen before. It seems like Leni's milestone birthday was certainly a memorable one!