• Michael Landon played "Charles Ingalls" in Little House on the Prairie
  • His character had a flawless image
  • In real life, however, he didn't have much in common with him

Little House on the Prairie star Michael Landon (†54) was loved by viewers. His image on the show was flawless and many believed the actor to be just like his character in real life. However, Michael Landon once clarified that he wasn't like his character "Charles Ingalls" in real life.

This was particularly evident when the actor had an affair and the news hit the headlines. It has become public knowledge that during his second marriage he met someone else, his future wife Cindy, whom he met while filming Little House.

It was important to Michael Landon to separate fiction and reality

In his last interview with Life magazine, Michael Landon spoke about comparing his Little House on the Prairie character to real life. To find out what he said, watch the video above!

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In addition, Michael Landon also emphasized that he was not at all like "Charles". It is important to separate fiction and reality. The actor also explained this in an interview for the book "Conversations With Michael Landon". There he said that people often get the impression that he is perfect - which is not the reality.