• Matt and Amy Roloff were married for 28 years
  • Their family stars on Little People, Big World
  • This is why Matt and Amy divorced in 2016

It was a sad day when Matt Roloff and Amy Roloff divorced. The couple was married for nearly 30 years and they share four children together.

TV viewers became invested in Matt and Amy's story when they started the TLC reality show Little People, Big World in 2006. But the series ended up chronicling their divorce in 2016 and new relationships since. Here's why they broke up.

Matt and Amy Roloff divorced for surprising reasons

Matt and Amy Roloff initially split in 2014 and called it a "trial separation," with hopes of reconciling. Afterward, they explained what was going wrong in their relationship.

On Little People, Big World, Amy admitted: "I think what Matt and I failed to do over many, many years is learn to live together."

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For his part, Matt shockingly said: "Amy and I stuck it out for years and years when maybe we shouldn't have. I never quite felt at home in my own home so something needed to change."

They first addressed this by having Matt live in the guest house at Roloff Farms. But the distance didn't help. In 2015, Matt and Amy announced they'd be moving forward with a divorce, citing "irreconcilable differences." It was finalized in 2016.

Matt and Amy after the break-up: Affair allegations?

Soon after, Amy Roloff got with Chris Marek, whom she married in 2021, while Matt Roloff got with Caryn Chandler. But Amy later opened up about a possible affair between Matt and Caryn during the marriage.

Caryn was a manager at Roloff Farms, and Amy said it one day dawned on her that she and Matt "seemed to have more than just a working relationship or friendship."

"I was devastated," Amy wrote in her 2019 book A Little Me. So it seems Matt and Amy's marriage was long a complicated one that reached a breaking point — which may have involved infidelity.

Despite the divorce, the exes continue to appear on Little People, Big World with their new partners. The show enters season 23 in 2022.