• Jacob Roloff posted about his dad Matt on Instagram
  • He said his father has "weird political beliefs"
  • Matt Roloff previously said the same about his son

It seems Matt Roloff and his son Jacob Roloff don't see eye to eye when it comes to politics. The father and son from Little People, Big World are having a bit of a clash online, and this time it was Jacob calling out his dad for his "weird political beliefs."

LPBW star Jacob Roloff mocks dad Matt Roloff

On Instagram, Jacob Roloff, 25, shared photos with his father posing at a castle on Roloff Farms. He captioned it: "He may have some weird political beliefs but at least his creativity with the farm is still showing through!"

And it gets more interesting. It turns out this was a near word-for-word copy of a comment Matt Roloff recently made about Jacob.

In January, Matt had posted about a busy day, which included a visit with Jacob, his wife Isabel and son Mateo.

Then, according to The Sun, Matt added in his comment section: "Jacob may have some weird political beliefs but at least his humility to put in a hard days work is showing thru."

It looks like Jacob didn't care for his father's insult, and he finally got him back — four months later. On Jacob's post, his wife Isabel even commented: "Only real ones will get it."

What are Matt and Jacob Roloff's political beliefs?

As for those "weird" political beliefs. The Little People, Big World stars aren't too open about their views, but Jacob Roloff — Matt and Amy's youngest — is known to post left-leaning content on social media.

Meanwhile, Matt Roloff seems to lean to the right and has shared stories from Fox News in the past.

Also interesting:

Jacob has also argued with his brother Jeremy Roloff, who is a known Trump supporter. On Twitter, Jacob once accused Jeremy of spreading misinformation and conspiracy theories online.

In any case, it's a bit of Roloff family drama playing out in the public eye. Their new season of Little People, Big World begins this week on May 17.