Citizen Kane is at the centre of Netflix's highly-anticipated new film, Mank.

Mank is an upcoming drama about Citizen Kane writer Herman J. Mankiewicz's clashes with Orson Welles, the director-star of the landmark 1941 film—often cited as the greatest of all time. David Fincher directs the new film based on a screenplay written by his late father Jack. Gary Oldman plays the title role as writer-critic Mankiewicz, while Tom Burke plays Orson Welles.

Netflix's Mank: Preview the 2020 Citizen Kane drama

Netflix just released first look visuals of Mank, which is expected to be released in October 2020. In the photos, Oldman and the cast embody the 1930s-set story behind one of film history's legendary works. Burke's "Welles" portrayal isn't included in this first round of production stills, however.

Based on the first look, Fincher's film appears set to honour Citizen Kane and its groundbreaking visuals, with a fittingly high-contrast and darkly-photographed film.

Much of Mank's cast features actors who will portray real-life figures related to the story of Citizen Kane. Famously, "Charles Foster Kane" was said to be inspired by Willam Randolph Hearst, who's portrayed in Mank by Charles Dance. "Kane's" second wife, singer "Susan Alexander," was inspired by actress Marion Davies, who's seen below as portrayed by Amanda Seyfried.

Mank is Fincher's first feature film since 2014's Gone Girl, and it's noted to be an Oscar hopeful for Netflix and one of today's most acclaimed working filmmakers. Mank could get controversial, too: The true authorship of Citizen Kane has long been debated by historians and critics, who are divided on where credit lies between Welles and Mankiewicz.

Mank: New David Fincher movie release date?

Netflix hasn't committed to an official release date for Mank as of yet, but producer Eric Roth previously told Collider to expect an October 2020 premiere. If that's the case, a trailer should follow in the near future. For more on David Fincher's films, click here to see the director's best movies.

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