Scream 5 In The Works!

"Did you really call the police? My mom and dad are gonna be so mad at me!"

Matthew Lillard played irritating and instigating "Stu Macher" in the original 1996 cult film Scream, and he easily became a fan favorite. SPOILER ALERT! His character was so loved the original script for one of the sequels was going to bring back his character and fans today even press theories that "Stu" survived and has been pulling the strings behind the endless murders this whole time.

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Now that Scream star Neve Campbell has confirmed there is a new sequel in the works, Entertainment Tonight asked the man behind "Stu" if he was interested in joining for a Scream 5.

Witty Lillard answered "I would love to come back. Actors, for the most part, most of us are out here tap dancing as fast as we can to feed our families and get jobs. So if there was a chance to come back, that made sense, yes."

Matthew Lillard Of Scream History

He even added, "I would like to argue, on behalf of the Stu fans out there, that he is still alive." Matthew has had countless memorable roles since his time on the hit horror film, like in SLC Punk, Without A Paddle, Hackers, The Descendants, and has had recurring roles on Good Girls, Twin Peaks, and Barskins, and directed his own film Fat Kid Rules the World.

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Fans would be overjoyed if he came back on as "Stu", especially because the actor has been such a cheerleader for protagonist "Sidney Prescott". "She's awesome, and the people love to root for her generation after generation."

Fingers crossed!