From the first time Narcos burst onto our screen we heard the title sequence; "Tuyo" by the Brazilian composer Rodrigo Amarante. It is filled with passionate lyrics that the composer himself has hidden secret intentions.

Narcos: Everything You Need To Know About The Song

When Rodrigo Amarante was asked to create a song for the Netflix original series, he said he focused on the story of Pablo Escobar before becoming the ambitious and bloodthirsty kingpin he became known as. He researched Escobar's story and then let his imagination run wild while thinking about this man's childhood in the 1950s; in the economic and social situation suffered by the ordinary community he belonged to.

"Tuyo" has remained the title sequence song even now that Escobar's story has been left behind and the series is focused on the Cali Cartel. Of course, we can see that the images that accompany this song have changed but the new story gives its own essence to this chapter in the history of Latin American drug traffickers while still applying to the song. 

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Rodrigo Amarante has said that at first sight, the song delivers the air of falling in love but in reality, the feeling hidden behind love and passion is actually domination and narcissism! How fitting!

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