• "Palmer" is currently single on NCIS
  • He and "Knight" are interested in each other
  • How are things going with the two of them?

A new romance is brewing at NCIS: "Jimmy Palmer" and "Jessica Knight" have been getting closer for a few weeks. The two were at a wedding together, and their friendship seems to have grown since then.

NCIS: How it's going with "Palmer" and "Knight"

We should find out if the two actually become a couple in the next few NCIS episodes. In any case, "Palmer" actor Brian Dietzen is already giving a first glimpse. He explains to TV Insider how they will proceed:

"It won't be another six or seven episodes before they address this thing again. [...] They definitely will be addressing their time together in [the finale]... We're not leaving the audience high and dry on where the heck is this thing going? We're gonna be choosing a direction before the end of this episode."

Also interesting:

Will there even be a first kiss for the two of them? So far the agents have been quite reserved. Dietzen explains to Parade: "If you have a friend that you're suddenly attracted to, or maybe gradually been attracted to, you definitely don’t want to put your friendship on the chopping block.

"And Jimmy's been such a good friend to a lot of people on this team and has been there from the onset with Jessica."

The agents haven't taken the big step because they're concerned that a romance might destroy the friendship. However, Dietzen is in favour of "Palmer" finally moving on. The NCIS doctor lost his wife last season.

"We can live lives of peace and safety and never leave our house but maybe we won't get the rewards and the great life that we want if we don't take a chance here and there," Dietzen said.

The NCIS season 19 finale airs this Monday, May 23.