• NCIS season 19 finale airs later this month
  • The show's producer gives fans a glimpse
  • NCIS finale features new and old characters

Season 19 of NCIS will soon come to an end, with the finale airing in the United States at the end of May. According to TV Insider, producer Steven D. Binder has already revealed some things about the end of the season. It sounds like it's going to be pretty exciting— especially for the team.

NCIS producer on finale: "We push things pretty far"

NCIS's new team leader "Parker" (Gary Cole) will be framed for murder. He has to deal with serious allegations and has the support of his agents. According to Binder, "Parker" will go to extremes to clear his reputation. We push things pretty far," he said.

We also meet "Parker's" ex-wife "Vivian Kolchak," who will also be with us in the next season. With the investigator, played by Teri Polo, we will be able to see completely different sides of "Parker" again. While the team boss must prove his innocence, "McGee" (Sean Murray) takes over and helps his boss where he can.

The NCIS cast

NCIS season 19 finale sees a familiar face return

"Parker" put his job in jeopardy while helping "Gibbs'" in Alaska. However, "McGee" hasn't forgotten him! “Gibbs’ energy permeates the story," the producer said. Meanwhile, "Palmer" must come to terms with his feelings as he and "Jessica Knight" grow closer. The two are even said to have a sweet moment in the finale— but whether or not they actually get together remains to be seen.

"Palmer" and "Knight" aren't the only ones feeling spring fever, in fact, "Kasie" (Diona Reasonover) also has a romance at work. Who do you think she's dating? Finally, we have a familiar face to look forward to as "Ducky" (David McCallum) returns. Although he originally only wants to stand by his colleague, since he is scheduled for two episodes, a larger story will also await him. The season finale already promises excitement and action.

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Luckily, it's not the end of NCIS just yet, because the popular crime series has been renewed for another season. Therefore, it is also quite possible that the episode will end with a cliffhanger. Viewers will ultimately learn what the show has in store for the characters in this exciting season finale on May 23!