• Actress Cote de Pablo played "Ziva" on NCIS
  • "Ziva" had a singing scene in a famous episode
  • This is why de Pablo wasn't in favour of the scene

In the many seasons of NCIS, the Special Agent "Ziva David" stands out as a fan-favourite character.

"Ziva," played by actress Cote de Pablo, was a regular on NCIS until season 11. And one of her most famous episodes contains a scene where "Ziva" sings.

In the episode, "Ziva" goes undercover as a lounge singer at a nightclub. She ends up taking the stage to sing a cover of "Temptation" by Tom Waits.

NCIS: The "Ziva" singing scene didn't convince Cote de Pablo

It was really Cote de Pablo singing the part, too. But did you know? The actress was actually opposed to the scene...

But it wasn't because de Pablo was uncomfortable with singing. On the contrary, she actually has a background in theatre, song, and dance.

Also interesting:

Rather, de Pablo said in a 2019 interview that she felt "Ziva" singing would go against the established personality of the character: "I was like, 'What! She's a killer, not a singer.'"

The "Ziva" actress even feared that NCIS would "be jumping the shark" if they went ahead with the out-of-character scene.

But in the end, de Pablo was convinced by the show's producers to go ahead with it.

She said it was pitched to her "in a way I couldn't resist," and she later reflected on the scene as "a really fun moment."

The scene was in the season 6 premiere, "Last Man Standing."

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