• The NCIS universe is among the most popular on television
  • The three NCIS series have recently had a crossover episode
  • A major character returned after a long time away 

There was a surprise for fans, because a big character suddenly reappeared after a long time away. We're talking about "Hetty"! Although the agent could not be seen, her team received an audio recording from her. The legendary secret agent is back and delighting audiences all over again!

The NCIS universe is the gift that keeps on giving

It looks like she is back to save the day once again. In her audio recording, she gives "Sam", "Callen" and the rest of the team some crucial information for solving their case. "Hetty" had been absent from NCIS: L.A. for a long time and fans were starting to wonder exactly why that was! 

Also interesting:

But it turns out producers had a pretty good reason for justifying her time away from the main cast. Her being away from the show was explained by the fact that...she is on a secret mission in the Middle East. In true "Hetty" fashion, there is always more to her than meets the eye!

Watch the video above to learn more!