It was recently officially confirmed that the new spin-off NCIS: Hawaii has been launched. The first cast members have also been announced. Actress Yasmine Al-Bustami, TV presenter Vanessa Lachey (40), and Jason Antoon (49) will be a part of the show. Now Deadline confirmed two more actors!

NCIS: Hawaii: Tori Anderson and Kian Talan are part of the cast

In NCIS: Hawaii, Vanessa will be the first female team leader in the NCIS universe and another woman will slip into a starring role. Tori Anderson (32) will take on the part of "Kate Whistler". She is considered a single-minded agent for the Defense Intelligence Agency. Tori is known as "Evie" from the series No Tomorrow. She is also known for her part in The Other KingdomThe L.A. Complex, and Love Under the Olive Tree.

Handsome Kian Talan has also been confirmed as the spin-off actor. He plays "Alex", Vanessa Lachey's alias "Jane Tennants" 16-year-old son. Most of you will know Kian from the Netflix series Brainchild. He was also in Cicada and La Passion.

Viewers will also e seeing The Falcon and the Winter Soldier star Noah Mills and possibly a few stars from NCIS and NCIS: LA! We can't wait for the new series to air!

NCIS: Emily Wickersham, Diona Reasonover and Wilmer Valderrama


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