• "Gibbs" is an integral part of the NCIS universe
  • Despite his exit, he is mentioned again and again
  • The latest crossover episode brings up "Gibbs's" rules

NCIS and NCIS: Hawaii's long-awaited crossover was broadcast in the USA on Monday evening. In it, "Nick Torres" (Wilmer Valderrama) and "Jessica Knight" (Katrina Law) travelled to Hawaii. There they worked with "Jane Tennant" (Vanessa Lachey) when new information on an old case comes to light. As the two teams worked together, viewers were also treated to a sweet tribute to "Gibbs" (Mark Harmon).

Spoiler warning to NCIS fans from here!

NCIS crossover: agents rely on "Gibbs's" rules

NCIS's team leader quit his job last year, but his colleagues still can't quite let go. This is also reflected in the crossover, because two of "Gibbs's"  rules are mentioned. As fans know, "Gibbs" created dozens of rules that he follows in his work and life, which he was also happy to share with his colleagues. In the crossover episodes, both Rule 40 and Rule 45 apply.

The NCIS agents first mention the guiding principle: "Clean up the mess you make“. And later, they recall one of "Gibbs's" rules again: "As one of our colleagues used to say, if it seems like someone is after you, they usually are." Even after retirement, "Gibbs" helps his former team solve the case.

Also interesting:

Not only do the agents of the NCIS team in Washington know "Gibbs's" rules, "Jane Tennant" also should have noticed one or the other of them. Finally she has a connection to the ex-agent, which was made clear in an earlier episode when viewers saw her life before NCIS: Hawaii when she was still with the CIA in flashbacks.


At that time, her boss was transferred and could not take her to the new department, but gave her a business card. The name on it? "L Jethro Gibbs". The two had performed an operation together in Kabul, and "Gibbs" was so smitten with "Jane" that he wanted to poach her. "Rule 72: Always be open to new ideas' it said in 'Gibbs'' handwriting on the back of the business card.

As the crossover now reveals, "Gibbs" isn't the only one "Jane" is connected to! She also met "Torres" earlier at a conference, where the two probably celebrated properly together. Whether something was going on between them at the time is not revealed in the episode. However, the two characters are unlikely to build on the past, since after the crossover, they go their separate ways again for the time being.