• Mark Harmon was a 'NCIS' veteran
  • He left the series in 2021
  • Will "Gibbs" be back?

"In the 19th season, Mark Harmon (72) parted ways with 'NCIS', relinquishing his iconic role as 'Gibbs.' As the series veteran, his departure shocked numerous fans. Now, he opens up about the possibility of making a comeback."

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'NCIS': Is Mark Harmon coming back as "Gibbs"?

Mark Harmon shares insights about 'Gibbs' with 'ET Online': "He's probably sitting in a stream up in Alaska fishing. Is he going to get out of the stream? I don't know. But if he is, I don't know about it." 

While the actor hasn't dismissed the possibility of a comeback, it's evident that a return isn't imminent. Producer Steven D. Binder has also weighed in on the potential return of "Gibbs" to the series.

“It’s a card to play, and I don’t think we want to play it cheaply. I think when we do play it, it really needs to be the right thing", he told 'TV Insider'.

So, fans can maintain hope for a future return of "Gibbs" to 'NCIS'. Currently, Mark Harmon is occupied with new ventures as he ventures into the realm of authors, actively promoting his latest book, 'Ghosts of Honolulu.'

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