FBI Agent "Devin Rountree" has landed a bigger role in NCIS: L.A. season 12.

On Sept. 10, actor Caleb Castille was announced as a series regular for the new season. He portrayed "Rountree" in three season 11 episodes — and appears to have made a strong impression with fans and the producers.

NCIS: Los Angeles cast adds Caleb Castille as series regular

Deadline exclusively confirmed the promotion of Castille, a 29-year-old actor, for NCIS: L.A. season 12. "Rountree" was scouted in season 11, and there's a new direction expected for the young agent in season 12: 

"Rountree must decide if taking this job and moving to LA will be the correct decision for not only his career, but also for his relationship with his UCLA-bound sister that he's raised since elementary school," Deadline reported.

Caleb Castille as "Devin Rountree" on NCIS: L.A.

The NCIS: L.A. cast announcement is big news for Castille, who is notable for his backstory as a former championship-winning college football player who quit the Crimson Tide to pursue an acting career. The rising star has had roles on In the Vault and played "Ron Garland" on season 2 of CBS's Tell Me a Story.

NCIS: L.A.: Caleb Castille plays "Devin Rountree"

"Devin Rountree" appeared in three NCIS: L.A. episodes that aired in 2020, toward the end of season 11. The series reportedly restarted production on the new season—the show's 12th—earlier in September. Season 11 had concluded two episodes early as a result of the pandemic.