Many NCIS: L.A. fans were worried when Linda Hunt's character did not appear in a bunch of episodes in season 10 and they were even more so delighted when "Hetty Lange" was back! Almost a year later, the fan community is now worried once again because of a conversation that "Hetty" had with "Callen" (Chris O'Donnell) in the NCIS:L.A. episode 9 of season 11, "Kill Beale: Vol. 1".

NCIS: L.A. "Hetty": "I won't be here forever"

In episode 10, "Hetty" asks "Callen" if he thinks that she made the right call regarding "Eric Beale's" (Barrett Foa) mission in San Francisco. He responds by saying that it was - in fact - not his call to make. And the following exchange ensued:

"Hetty": "Maybe it should be."

"Callen": "I thought you were grooming Nell for that."

 "Hetty": "I did, too."

"Callen": "I don’t want your job, Hetty."

"Hetty": "Neither do I. But somebody's got to do it. Think about it, Mr. Callen. I won't be here forever."

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NICS: L.A. Season 11: Who could replace "Hetty"?

Wow! Twitter erupted shortly after the episode aired and wild speculations started about who could eventually be "Hetty's" replacement. Would "Hetty" reconsider "Nell" (Renée Felice Smith)? Or will she start grooming "Callen"? One avid viewer even throws "Fatima" (Medalion Rahimi) into the mix for a possible promotion...!

We sure hope to see "Hetty" this Sunday! NCIS: L.A. Season 11 Episode 11 "Answers" airs December 8 at 9 p.m. (8 central) on CBS.