In this day and age, co-starring in a movie does not mean that you will actually get to meet your co-stars, especially when you're doing an animated movie. This happened to be the case for Will Smith and his Spies in Disguise co-star Tom Holland (Spider Man: Far From Home).

"We made a whole movie together, but when you're doing animation it's just voice work. We literally just met for the first time," Smith explained while talking to EW on the red carpet at the premiere.

During production of Spies in Disguise, Tom Holland did the voiceover work for his character "Walter Beckett" in New York City, while Smith recorded the voice of "Lance Sterling" in Los Angeles.

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Tom Holland & Will Smith bonded in an escape room

So the two actors decided to bond in a special way by doing an escape room for fun. Smith described their meeting as follows:

"We were wanting to figure out if we really could do the stuff that we did as spies," Smith said. "We got out. It was a 1-hour escape room, and we were out in 24 minutes." Sounds like if you're ever trapped, Will Smith is the guy you would want to be with!

Tom Holland agrees: "I think Will got the majority of the clues. I was more like the hype-man in the situation. I was like encouraging him," Holland said. "I’ve never actually escaped an escape room so the secret of escaping an escape room is do it with Will Smith because he’s really good at it."

Spies in Disguise will be released on December 25!

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