Four movie legends met up at Tyler Perry's new movie studios in Atlanta, Georgia on Tuesday and - fortunately - they managed to capture the moment on camera. Will Smith, Eddie Murphy, Martin Lawrence and Wesley Snipes all posed for a photo together and Will Smith was the first to share the epic snapshot on his Instagram account with the caption "Nothing to see here...".

Martin Lawrence shares epic photo with Eddie Murphy: "When Bad Boys come to America"

Later on, Smith's Bad Boys co-star Martin Lawrence shared another picture of the meeting and captioned it "When Bad Boys come to America". The caption is (naturally) a reference to the two movies these four actors are currently wrapping up in Atlanta. Murphy and Snipes are both still working on the long-awaited sequel to Coming to America, while Smith and Lawrence are putting the finishing touches on Bad Boys for Life, the third movie of the Bad Boys franchise.

But was the meeting a mere coincidence or will there actually be a movie starring all four of these iconic actors at some point? The internet welcomed the snapshot with open arms, and many fans went right ahead and called for a blockbuster with all four of them as main cast members...

We will just have to wait and see what comes to pass - until then, Bad Boys for Life will be released January 16 and Coming 2 America will be out in December of 2020!