• NCIS: LA season 13 ends this weekend
  • The season finale features a huge moment
  • You'll see THIS happen in the episode

NCIS: LA has just one episode to go in season 13. It airs this Sunday, May 22, and the episode has a major surprise in store for fans.

NCIS: LA season 13 finale features THIS surprise

The season 13 finale was just previewed and, SPOILER ALERT, an event that's been teased for a long time is finally happening. Read on if you'd like to find out!

Also interesting:

In the NCIS: LA season 13 finale, fans will finally see "G. Callen" (Chris O'Donnell) propose to his girlfriend "Anna" (Bar Paly).

The two have been together for quite a while now, and NCIS: LA has shown "Callen" wanting to take things to another level in the past.

But "Callen" always seemed to face setbacks, such as problems with his girlfriend's father "Arkady."

NCIS: Los Angeles: "Callen" will finally propose

This time, however, "Callen" is really going to pop the question. EW has released preview photos of the moment, which happens at the beach.

So fans have a lot to look forward to in the NCIS: LA season 13 finale. The show, by the way, is already renewed for next season too.

Catch the "Callen" and "Anna" finale proposal this Sunday, May 22.