NCIS has been off for three weeks, but it's coming back with a bang.

Season 19 returns this Monday, Nov. 29, and actor Don Swayze will guest star in the episode, titled "Peacekeeper." He's the 63-year-old brother of Patrick Swayze, and he'll portray the mystery role of "Pete Walker."

NCIS: Don Swayze guest starring in season 19 episode 8

NCIS last aired a new episode on Nov. 8. It featured "McGee" crossing paths with his mother-in-law (played by Patricia Richardson) after a dead body was discovered on a cruise ship.

Don Swayze's new episode will see the team investigate after a body is found outside a gun range. The preview also says "Kasie" debates getting a gun of her own in the episode. It's unclear where Swayze's "Pete Walker" fits into the storyline.

Patrick Swayze's brother was on NCIS in the past

Longtime NCIS fans might remember that this isn't Don Swayze's first time on the show. Way back in season 2, the actor guest starred in a different role as "Logan Clay."

Actor Don Swayze is the younger brother of Patrick Swayze.

Don is the younger brother of Patrick Swayze, the Dirty Dancing star who passed away in 2009. He's also had a long and successful career as an actor, often appearing as a guest star on soap operas and crime shows.

Watch for Don Swayze in the Nov. 29 episode of NCIS.