NCIS season 18 is past the halfway point, but the high-stakes drama isn't letting up anytime soon. As the preview for today's new episode titled "Watchdog" shows, "Gibbs" (Mark Harmon) himself has to deal with the law.

NCIS season 18: "Gibbs" arrested in episode 10 preview

In the preview for Episode 10, the handcuffs click. Someone is charged with aggravated assault and arrested. As it turns out, the accused culprit is none other than "Gibbs."

However, "Gibbs" isn't taken into custody by just anyone. NCIS chief inspector "Eugene Coyle" (Hugo Armstrong) has returned and takes "Gibbs" away. The chief inspector was last seen in season 11 and "Gibbs" insists that everyone "tell the truth" in the clip.

NCIS: Trailer for new episode raises concerns

The preview leaves room for speculation. The episode's announcement also reads: "NCIS uncovers a secret dog fighting ring, which leads to an unexpected move by one of the team members." Another hint in the preview shows a doctor say: "I pray to God someone pays for this."

Is "Gibbs," who's currently reliving his dramatic past due to a recent death, guilty? Or is he just covering another agent? Plot twists involving "Gibbs" also come with heightened drama these days, seeing as Mark Harmon's future with NCIS remains uncertain — his contract is up at the end of this season and the series has also yet to be renewed for season 19.

Season 18 episode 10, "Watchdog," airs tonight, March 16, on CBS. You can see a recap of episode 9 here.

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