• NCIS Season 20 is already in the starting phase
  • Many surprises await us
  • Will there be a series death?

Season 20 of NCIS is about to begin. As previously confirmed, the new episodes will premiere in the US in mid-September. Now the actors have started filming and are delighting fans with a sweet video. It stars Wilmer Valderrama, Katrina Law, Brian Dietzen, Sean Murray and Diona Reasonover.

"Stuff You've Never Seen On NCIS"

Wilmer announces some surprises for fans for NCIS season 20 and reveals: "Well, you have been warned. This season we are happy to say we after doing things you have never seen before on 'NCIS'. We’re gonna change things up and surprise you guys all along the way." The stars seem very happy to be back on set and laugh as they announce the start of filming. 

Sounds as if viewers can expect some plot twists in the anniversary season. What might they be? In season 19, the series had already started surprising fans. First Mark Harmon left unexpectedly, then "Knight" and "Palmer" started a romance unusually fast.

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NCIS: Emily Wickersham, Diona Reasonover and Wilmer Valderrama


Which one of the shows features "Ducky Mallard"?

Also, viewers saw a new side of "Torres" and have worried about the character ever since. It remains to be seen what is meant by Wilmer's warning and whether we even have to prepare for a serial death.

The new season of NCIS premieres on September 19th in the US.