NCIS fans can rest easy: "Ducky" will be back this season!

Actor David McCallum was limited to just a few episodes in the pandemic-shot NCIS season 18. But it now looks like the 87-year-old will be reporting for duty when the new season kicks off on Sept. 20.

NCIS: "Ducky" actor David McCallum returns in season 19

"Palmer" actor Brian Dietzen just broke the news with a photo he shared from the set. It shows himself and "Ducky" in their scrubs, presumably filming for this season.

With the photo, Dietzen wrote: "So happy and honored to be able to share more scenes with this man.

"We've been a part of so many great stories over the past 18 seasons, and we're looking forward to exciting new adventures as well."

Dietzen added: "Join us on Monday, September 20th won't you?" That date, of course, is when NCIS season 19 premieres on CBS.

NCIS season 19 cast includes David McCallum, Brian Dietzen

Dietzen and McCallum are two of the show's longest-tenured stars, and it's great to know they're both on board for the foreseeable future on NCIS.

The new season will see the addition of several new faces, while "Gibbs" actor Mark Harmon is expected to have a reduced role — news that fans aren't too thrilled about.

So, season 19 could make for mixed feelings, but we at least know "Ducky" will be back. He appeared in just two episodes last season, likely due to precautions for star David McCallum amid the pandemic.

You can also click here for the latest update on Mark Harmon's status this season, as provided by the NCIS showrunner earlier this week.

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