We're now just three weeks away from the season premiere of NCIS.

Question marks surround star Mark Harmon's role in the new season, and fans will be tuning in to see how "Gibbs" survived the explosion in last season's finale. But there is now a fresh update on how "Gibbs" will fit into season 19.

NCIS showrunner on "Gibbs" actor Mark Harmon in season 19

NCIS fans have been concerned ever since word got out that actor Mark Harmon will be in only "a few" episodes in season 19.

But this week, the NCIS showrunner shared new details on what to expect with "Gibbs" this season. On that dramatic boat explosion, Stephen D. Binder told TVLine:

"We know he's not dead right there, and we know he's able to swim well enough…. All things are still possible with Gibbs."

Fans have also wondered who will lead the NCIS team with "Gibbs" away or if he'll ever return to his post.

On that note, the showrunner said "Gibbs" has been "cut off from his team" amid his investigation of a serial killer, "but in the beginning episodes, that's going to change."

As Binder reflected on how the writers are handling the new episodes, he added: "Gibbs is a part of that world."

NCIS season 19 premiere date: Monday, Sept. 20

This update is certainly a promising one for fans of Mark Harmon. The veteran star, who turns 70 this week, appears to be approaching the end of his time on NCIS, but that end may not be as soon as we'd feared.

NCIS showrunner: "All things are still possible with Gibbs."

NCIS season 19 returns on Monday, Sept. 20. Tune in to find out the next steps for "Gibbs" and the team! The new series NCIS: Hawaii also premieres after NCIS the same day.