• NCIS season 19 has four episodes left
  • Star Wilmer Valderrama shared a new cast photo
  • The "Torres" actor poses with his co-stars

NCIS season 19 is winding down. With just four episodes remaining, the stars don't have much time left together on set this year.

And several NCIS cast members have been sharing behind-the-scenes photos as the season nears its end. After Brian Dietzen shared a surprising update on David McCallum, another star has shared a nice cast picture.

Sweet NCIS photo: The season 19 cast behind the scenes

The rare behind-the-scenes picture is courtesy of "Torres" actor Wilmer Valderrama. He paid tribute on Instagram in a post with four of his co-stars.

NCIS season 19 cast photo

With the photo, Wilmer Valderrama wrote: "These great people, they bring me so much joy on set. #NCIS back on April 18th." He poses in a fun selfie with Diona Reasonover, Brian Dietzen, Katrina Law, and Sean Murray.

Also interesting:

NCIS season 19 has been off for a while, but it does finally return on April 18. The season has four episodes to go, and they will be back for a 20th season as well.

Wilmer Valderrama's photo comes after he recently posted a fun video with stars Katrina Law and Sean Murray.