"Leroy Jethro Gibbs", the head of the Naval Criminal Investigative Service on NCIS has been portrayed by the handsome and smart Mark Harmon (68) ever since day one of the popular CBS show. We've seen him play "Gibbs" for almost 400 episodes already and he will also star in season 18 of NCIS, which does not have a premiere date yet.

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It seems nearly impossible to imagine "Gibbs" could be played by any other actor, but that was actually almost the case back in the day before production on season 1 of NCIS started!

NCIS: Harrison Ford as "Leroy Gibbs"?

In fact, a true Hollywood legend was apparently on the shortlist for the role of "Leroy Gibbs". According to IMDb, it was none other than Harrison Ford (77)! "Harrison Ford, who was experiencing a bit of a slump around the time of the series's conception, was urged by colleagues to pursue the role of 'Gibbs'," the trivia section says. But the Star Wars actor did not want to play the part at the time.

In a little tribute to Harrison Ford, "Gibbs", who was eventually played by Mark Harmon, mentions his fellow actor and the movie Air Force One in the very first NCIS episode "Yankee White". In the scene where "Gibbs" walks through Air Force One, he says: "That's in the movie! Harrison is sitting right here." In the 1997 action thriller, Harrison Ford plays POTUS "James Marshall".

NCIS: Jennifer Aniston almost played "Caitlin Todd"

According to the entertainment news website Collider, the popular NCIS character "Special Agent Caitlin Todd" did also almost go to another iconic actress. Jennifer Aniston was actually up for the part, but she was not done shooting the final season of Friends yet, so NCIS would have had to postpone production by at least one year - and that was just not possible.


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