• Gary Cole joined the cast of NCIS in 2021
  • He's now the face of one of TV's most popular shows
  • You may know him from THESE past movies and TV series

NCIS has a new leading man after the recent exit of "Gibbs" actor Mark Harmon. It's Supervisory Special Agent "Alden Parker." 

Filling the role admirably is veteran actor Gary Cole. But for NCIS fans, you may be thinking to yourself: where have I seen the actor in the past? Here's why Cole looks so familiar...

Gary Cole has been in many famous movies and TV shows

With nearly 200 screen credits dating back to the early 1980s, Gary Cole has been in plenty of movies and TV series, so you've likely seen him in a couple things here and there.

For starters, his big break was actually in the 1980s NBC drama Midnight Caller. Not long after, he was cast in short-lived series like American Gothic and Family Affair.

Also interesting:

For a while, Cole's bigger roles then came in movies. His first major film role was actually playing "Mike Brady" in the 1995 revival The Brady Bunch Movie.

He also played the pop culture icon boss "Bill Lumbergh" in Office Space, and he was the commentator "Cotton" in the cult classic comedy Dodgeball.

"Alden Parker" from NCIS is also on these recent series

But more recently, Cole has continued to make his mark in the TV world. He appeared on Desperate Housewives and Entourage, plus The Good Wife and its sequel in the 2010s...

In addition to recurring parts in Suits, Veep, Chicago Fire, and Mixed-Ish – all before coming to NCIS. He's a busy man!

And that's not even mentioning Cole's many TV guest roles, and his successful work as a voice actor in shows like Family Guy and Scooby-Doo!

Add it all up, and NCIS star Gary Cole (or his voice!) has likely been part of your TV and film fandom over the years.

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