Since season 11, Emily Wickersham (35) has been a vital cast member on NCIS. In 2013, the actress joined the series as "Ellie Bishop" - she actually replaced "Ziva", who was believed to be dead, after Coté de Pablo (40) left NCIS. But now "Ziva" is back on the set of NCIS. How does this affect Wickersham's character "Bishop"?

Spoilers ahed! If you are NOT caught up on NCIS season 17, do not read any further!!!!

The mesmerizing NCIS fall finale aired on December 17 2019 and it came with an unexpected twist. The episode titled "The North Pole" had a few surprises in store not only for "Ziva", but also for "Bishop.

NCIS: Is "Bishop" leaving the team for a new job?

In season 17 episode 10, "Bishop" receives an offer from the former CIA agent "Odette" (Elayn J. Taylor) to undergo special training.

"Odette sees a lot in Bishop that she saw in Ziva, this bright young human who has great potential," NCIS executive producer Frank Cardea said to TV Insider. "She's hoping to become a mentor to her just like she was with Ziva."

The question is whether "Bishop" will accept the offer and thus leave the NCIS team in order to pursue a new career path. So far, we can only speculate on what NCIS will do with Emily Wickersham's character.

One thing is for sure, however: an exit of the actress would be more than tragic and many fans would certainly miss her and her character dearly.

NCIS will be back on CBS with a new episode on Tuesday, January 7 2020 at 8pm (7 central).

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