• 'Wednesday' has been very successful for Netflix
  • Netflix is planning a spinoff for its flagship show
  • THIS is what producers are thinking

In the wake of the monstrous hit 'Wednesday,' the streaming giant is toiling away in the early cauldron-stages of a spinoff series starring none other than the electrifying "Uncle Fester" played by the hilarious Fred Armisen! For many, this would be an easy hit as they would be jumping on the possibility of seeing the 'Wednesday' universe expand.

A series that snapped the competition!

Since its premiere in November 2022, 'Wednesday' has been nothing short of a supernatural success, casting a spell over viewers and becoming Netflix's most-watched series ever. With a second season already in the crypt, it's no wonder the powers-that-be are itching to expand the Addams universe.

Amazon MGM Studios, the masterminds behind 'Wednesday' and keepers of the "Addams Family" legacy, are fully on board the ghost train, according to Bloomberg. They're ready to let "Uncle Fester" light up our screens with his own brand of dark humor and electric charm.

The creators and showrunners of 'Wednesday,' Al Gough and Miles Millar, had visions of spinoffs dancing in their heads even before the show's debut.

Gough, in a pre-premiere chat with 'The Hollywood Reporter's' TV's Top 5 podcast, spilled the witches' brew: "Certainly it’s cast that way, when you have Fred Armisen, when you have Catherine Zeta-Jones, when you have Luis Guzman. It’s certainly something we’ve discussed and would very much like to, in success, really branch out this world beyond just Wednesday."

Netflix started talking about a second season of 'Wednesday' within weeks of the show’s November debut. The series, based on characters from "The Addams Family", is Netflix’s most-popular English-language show ever.

It racked up more than 250 million views last year, and still ranked as one of the 10 most popular titles in the first half of this year.

Netflix is hardly alone. The film industry’s obsession with franchises is spreading throughout the TV business. Every major streaming service and network is developing multiple spinoffs, prequels and sequels of existing shows.

Season one of 'Wednesday' was a concoction of creative minds, including executive producers Tim Burton, who directed half of the season, and a coven of other talents.

Jenna Ortega ("Wednesday herself") is set to join the ranks as an Executive Producer for the upcoming season, bringing her own spellbinding touch to the series.

Also interesting:

"Fester’s" involvement in Season 1 was an absolute delight, with Armisten channeling some of the original quirkiness of the character while adding his own grim twist. It’s certainly easy to see why Netflix would be interested in seeing more of him.

"As with any TV show in development, there is no guarantee the Uncle Fester show will ever happen," said reporter Lucas Shaw. "The writers have to figure out the story, the company needs to negotiate contracts with talent, and the schedules of the individuals must align."

Only time will tell if Fred will get his own show after all. Fans will be waiting with plenty of anticipation as producers reveal more news.