• New 'Bridgerton' Season 3 trailer has been released
  • It returns with a sizzling friends-to-lovers tale
  • Featuring "Colin" and "Penelope" 

"Do you believe the best foundation for love is friendship?" This question, posed by "Colin Bridgerton" to his mother, sets the stage for a season of romantic revelations and transformations. As "Penelope Featherington" decides it's time to step out of the shadows and into the arms of love, she enlists none other than her best friend, Colin, to aid in her quest. But what starts as a mission to find Penelope a husband soon turns into a journey of self-discovery and unexpected feelings.

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A makeover like no other

"Penelope's" makeover is not just about changing her appearance; it's about asserting her presence in a society that has overlooked her for too long. Her awkward attempts at flirting, including a memorable scene discussing the weather while fluttering a fan, are sure to leave audiences both cringing and cheering for her. But it's her dance with the dashing "Lord Debling" that hints at the blossoming beauty and confidence within.

As "Colin" begins to see "Penelope" in a new light, his confusion and newfound feelings lead him to question the very foundation of love. With advice from his mother to follow his heart, "Colin" finds himself at a crossroads between friendship and a love he never saw coming. Meanwhile, the return of fan favorites like "Anthony," "Kate," and the ever-watchful "Lady Whistledown," voiced by the legendary Julie Andrews, adds layers of intrigue and gossip that 'Bridgerton' fans live for.

Mark your calendars

With part 1 of season 3 premiering on May 13 and part 2 following on June 13, fans won't have to wait long to dive back into the lavish world of 'Bridgerton'. The season promises a blend of heartwarming moments, steamy romances, and the high-stakes drama that has made the series a global phenomenon.

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