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North and South

The "Main" family with "Orry Main" (2nd from left) in 'North and South'.

North and South was a miniseries in the United States, broadcast from 1985 to 1994, based on the trilogy of novels of the same title by the writer John Jakes. The first of these miniseries, North and South, has remained one of the highest-rated miniseries over the years! This production starred actors Patrick Swayze and James Read, who gave life to "Orry Main" and "George Hazard," respectively.

The cast of this collection of miniseries, set before, during and after the American Civil War, was also made up of all-stars-actors such as Lesley-Anne Down, Wendy Kilbourne, Kirstie Alley, Terri Garber, Genie Francis, Philip Casnoff, Jean Simmons, Jonathan Frakes or David Carradine. 

North and South 

North and South featured a total of three miniseries that were released in the 1980s and 1990s. The complete collection was made up as follows:

  • North and South - 6 episodes cast in 1985.
  • Love and War, Book II  - 6 episodes aired in 1986.
  • Heaven & Hell: North and South, Book III - 3 episodes aired in 1994.

North and South Fun Facts

  • The third part of this collection of miniseries, Heaven and Hell, had a poor reception from critics and audiences, unlike the first two. 
  • In total, North and South only have 15 chapters. 
  • It obtained diverse nominations in the Primetime Emmy Awards and in the Golden Globes, winning an Emmy. 
  • Actor Forest Whitaker played the role of "Cuffey." 
  • Elizabeth Taylor also participated in this production as "Madam Conti."