• 'The Devil Wears Prada' sequel is in development
  • Producers of original film are back
  • No casting deals are in place yet

Gird your loins, fashionistas and film buffs alike! The iconic "Miranda Priestly," portrayed by the unparalleled Meryl Streep, could be making a grand return, with 'The Devil Wears Prada writer Aline Brosh McKenna and producer Wendy Finerman reportedly spinning the wheels on a sequel to the 2006 hit. As David Frankel, the maestro behind the original, flirts with the idea of directing once more, the fashion world is abuzz with anticipation.

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Mixed signals from the stars

Despite the excitement, the original cast has given fans a rollercoaster of emotions. Anne Hathaway (41) and Emily Blunt (41) have previously downplayed the likelihood of a sequel, cherishing the original as a standalone masterpiece. Yet, in a twist, Blunt expressed her eagerness to reunite with the cast on 'The View,' stirring a whirlwind of speculation and hope among fans.

The potential plot is rumored to follow "Miranda Priestly" as she navigates the tumultuous waters of the digital age, wrestling with the financial strains on her beloved 'Runway.' Meanwhile, Emily steps into a new role as an executive at a luxury brand conglomerate, adding layers of intrigue and glamour to the tale.

To sequel or not to sequel?

The question remains: Can a sequel live up to the sky-high standards set by its predecessor? With the original film's massive $326 million box office haul and Streep's Oscar-nominated performance, the bar is set stratospherically high. Yet, the allure of revisiting the cutthroat, yet captivating world of high fashion is undeniable.

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