• Chumlee is still on Pawn Stars today
  • He shared a new Instagram from the show
  • The star actually wore his hair in cornrows

Wow! Chumlee from Pawn Stars is a man of many looks. You often see him in a hat and sunglasses with his long hair and beard. But he changed it up with his hair in a new episode of Pawn Stars.

Cornrows? New look for Chumlee on Pawn Stars

On Instagram, Chumlee posted a picture from the new Pawn Stars episode. It shows the 39-year-old in his trademark hat — but his hair is actually done in cornrows shooting out the back.

It's an interesting look from Chumlee, whose real name is Austin Russell. On the Instagram post, he asked fans to comment with their favourite moment from the latest Pawn Stars.

But most fans were focused on Chumlee's appearance. "Looking great dude," wrote one commenter. "Looking good Chumlee," added another. "That is legitness."

Also interesting:

Chumlee is taking his health more seriously these days, and one fan observed: "Chumley has shrunk, must be half the weight he was."

Over the years, Chumlee has been spotted wearing cornrows on occasion. We haven't seen the look in a while, and he's currently wearing it with an undercut style.

Chumlee has been on Pawn Stars since the beginning in 2009. He's still on the show today and has really changed a lot since it all started.