• Physical: 100 is a hit Netflix reality show
  • It follows famous Korean influencers on fitness challenges
  • Here are the possible finalists

Here is how the competitors faired after their trials were complete. Jo Jin-hyeong passed the "Atlas Task", Kim Min-cheol won the "Icarus Challenge", and Park Jin-yong was the fastest in the "Prometheus" competition

Netflix is striking gold with Physical: 100

Woo Jin-yong won the "Uroboros competition". Only the "Punishment of Sisyphus" hasn't been decided yet, and Yun Sung-bin and Jeong Hae-min are still in the running.

Also interesting:

Car salesman Jo Jin-hyeong was considered one of the favorites from the start, largely because of his immense strength. He has previously won the show Strongman and had a cameo role on Welcome to Waikiki.

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