Saved By The Bell has returned for its second season, and the show is honouring Dustin Diamond's iconic character "Screech"! The season 2 premiere recently debuted on Peacock, and it features a special moment where "Screech's" friends come together to look back on his life.

Saved By The Bell reminisces on "Screech" with diner scene

Saved By The Bell was rebooted last November, but Diamond passed away just months after the series began airing. In January, the actor was rushed to hospital and diagnosed with cancer, which led to his untimely death. Several of Diamond's former castmates mourned the actor publicly, including Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Tiffani Thiessen, who said they were "deeply saddened" by his passing.  

The second season premiere sees Gosselaar's "Zack Morris" and Thiessen's "Kelly Kapowski" joined by the rest of the gang at their old hangout spot, The Max. "Jessie Spano," "A.C. Slater," and "Lisa Turtle" are there as well, along with diner owner "Max". The characters try a new burger at the diner named after "Screech," and look back at his life with humorous anecdotes. There is also a special montage highlighting some of "Screech's" most memorable moments.

Saved By The Bell cast, 1990.

 Berkley, who plays "Jessie," told Entertainment Tonight that the scene was "a meaningful, huge, powerful moment" and said she's proud of the show's tribute to the late actor. "I feel good about the care and the heart with which we all were able to honor and celebrate him," she shared. Peacock has released the full scene honouring "Screech," which you can watch below!