• NCIS cast and crew are reportedly sick
  • The show was hit by a "mystery illness"
  • They apparently don't know what it is

Well this doesn't sound too good.

The NCIS cast and crew are currently dealing with a "mystery illness." TMZ reports that over a dozen people fell ill on Thursday morning. They don't know what happened yet, but apparently everyone was vomiting and experiencing other mild symptoms.

NCIS cast dealing with illness on the set

Sources from NCIS told TMZ they suspect food poisoning was the culprit, but they aren't sure yet. It doesn't appear the incident forced the show to shut down.

Let's hope the team behind NCIS is feeling better soon! They would have been shooting NCIS season 19, which is well underway.

Episode 15 aired on Monday this week, and fans can't stop talking about the new romance teased in the episode. "Knight" (Katrina Law) and "Palmer" (Brian Dietzen) look like they could be getting together.

Also interesting:

The CBS series is still scheduled to air new episodes for the next three Mondays, after an inconsistent schedule in early 2022.

See the next NCIS episode this Monday, March 21.